Saturday, November 3, 2007

Reggie and Calvin, Episode 4: Smorgasbord, Smorgasbooooooord!!!!

This is part one of the movie show.

With this show and the next, we will finally be finished covering the things that we wanted to discuss in August.

It's a day later than I had hoped because I have been rocking out to Guitar Hero 3.....not well and on easy, but rocking out just the same.

Despite all that, it still has kind of a Halloween theme.


Reggie and Calvin: Episode 4



-Reggie claims that he does not like horror movies
-Turner Classic Movies
-London After Midnight features Lon Chaney as this vampire
-Nosferatu, Shadow of the Vampire, newer Nosferatu
-Psycho: original, remake
-Bram Stoker's Dracula
-Halloween, Friday the 13th
-Reggie and Calvin go into a game show tangent (but will return to movies)
-Who is Art Linkletter?
-Let's Make a Deal, Monty Hall
-Wink Martindale, Chuck Woolery
-The Price is Right, Bob Barker, Drew Carey
-Password, Pyramid
-Paul Lynde was actually on Hollywood Squares
-Charles Nelson Reilly was on Match Game (the description of Paul Lynde fits for him too)
-Reggie admits to liking SOME horror movies...
-Bela Lugosi, Lon Chaney Jr. and Sr. (Please note that once again I have mixed up Lon Chaney Sr. and Jr. because the way they are credited in their various films is so damn confusing (although the facts are right) but I've had too much Guinness right now to sort it out)
-George Romero's zombie movies
-Alfred Hitchcock, Sam Raimi
-Hammer Studios
-A Bridge Too Far
-I am not linking to Saw!!!!!!!
-Clerks, In Harm's Way (John Wayne), Manhattan (Woody Allen), Ghost Busters, Star Wars Trilogy (Return of the Jedi)
-Garden State (Zach Braff), American Graffiti (Ron Howard, Richard Dreyfuss), I Heart Huckabees (Jason Schwartzman) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure
-Dr. Who
-The Great Pumpkin


xenu413 said...

i know what you mean when you say we've seen the London After Midnight vampire... it's so familiar, and i still hesitate to place it. i wanna say i've seen someone similar on Scooby Doo.

Interstate Space Trucker said...

Yo, Space Trucker here. Just wanted to let you know I love your show. It definitely makes time go by when I'm over the road. I don't have too much time to blog (even though I had all weekend, but forgot to, so now I'm doing monday morning when I'm supposed to be driving...sorry) so I won't say much. Haven't listened to the newest episodes yet, cause I only listen when I drive, and I haven't driven all weekend. I love the rants, they're great. I don't like the lip smacking, stop that. Um, give me a call sometime when my phone gets turned back on(stupid phone company). Other than that, I'm out. Keep on truckin little buddies.

Something, Something Productions. said...

I remedy that with beer.


xenu413 said...

i would argue that beer is a cure-all, with one obvious exception.

The musishian said...

Great episode. I think you guys are definitely hitting your stride. Some very funny stuff in here. Keep up the good work.

Ambassador said...

I want you guys to talk about my favorite movies. My theme is "Movies for guys who like movies".
1. Tombstone-the greatest movie quotes ever. Go to this website for them.
2. Top Gun-needs no explanation as far as I'm concerned. Seen it a million times, will see it a million more.
3. We Were Soldiers-Greatest war movie ever. Always makes me cry.
4. Braveheart-Second greatest war movie ever, and also always makes me cry. Plus I think I have a man crush on pre doing crazy shit Mel Gibson
5. Super Troopers-Not sure if it's really my fifth favorite, but it's really funny.

Ambassador said...

just wanted to change Supertroopers to Big Lebowski cause that is really my number 5. Another movie with some of the greatest quotes ever.