Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!!

I've got a special Halloween treat for you guys tonight.

It's the Halloween episode of Escape Pod from 2005.

Click on this link (or that link) to learn more about Escape Pod, it's the best sci-fi story cast out there right now, and it's kind of the show that really got me thinking about doing all of this stuff in the first place.

Just trust me, it's totally worth it.

So here it is:

The Great Old Pumpkin

(yeah, it's exactly what you think it's about)


P.S. Part one of the movie show will be posted either tomorrow or Friday night....I just really felt like I needed something to post today.


Monday, October 29, 2007

A Quick Correction

Since I'm actually about 2 years behind on this podcast thing, my time lines are still a little mixed up because I'm literally learning about new people and ideas, and everything that has come before, every single day.

Scott Sigler's first podcast novel was Earthcore. And it WAS the first podcast novel. The Novel I am referring to in the last podcast was Ancestor. And if any of you remember those awesome old Nintendo football games where monsters and stuff would rip each others limbs off, his last Podcast: The Rookie, is worth a listen as well.

I should really take five minutes to do research before doing a show instead of after.....


P.S. Since I'm posting more random (yet oh so awesome) links, check this out: Neverending White Lights

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Reggie and Calvin, Episode 3: I'm Scott Sigler's Bitch

This show should be pretty self explanatory.

It's just me talking about some of the feedback on the site as well as clearing up and expanding on a few things from earlier shows.

I kind of rushed this one out, and I'm not too pleased with the quality. That's mostly because of the MP3 recorder I was using, and in the future I'll be sure to turn the mic sensitivity down. Other than that though, I think it's alright.

I recorded it on Friday, so when I talk about people who left feedback, it was up to that point. Had I done it yesterday or today I would have mentioned Sally's comment as well. But I'm sure she'll be here a lot and there'll be plenty of mentions of her in the future.

Hopefully you'll see this photo now associated with the file, some of you will know what it is, others won't....and if you don't, no I'm not gonna explain it.....well...I probably will eventually....

Also, as mentioned in our last episode, here are a couple of pictures of the Ent we found in Livonia.

Reggie and Calvin: Episode 3


-People and shows mentioned in today's episode: George Hrab, Farpoint Media, Scott Sigler

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Xenu Sez, Episode 2: Modern Storytelling

In this installment, Xenu talks about modern storytelling.

In general he covers the overall laziness of filmmakers and other outlets for storytelling that are intended for little more than mass consumption.

These themes will be further expanded in future installments of Xenu Sez, as well as the Reggie and Calvin Show....especially when I start talking about movies....

Xenu Sez: Episode 2


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Reggie and Calvin, Episode 2: One More For My Radio-Sweetheart

Episode two....I guess we're really doing this, eh?

This one's about TV and the weekend, I'll let the show do the talking.

(It's a few days late because I spent my time finishing Zelda this weekend)

Reggie and Calvin: Episode 2



-Reggie and Calvin start by talking about TV
-The new Adult Swim episodes lead things off
-Deathklok's Deathalbum is discussed, Reggie mistakenly says he pre-ordered the CD, but did not, he ordered it the day it came out, and Dethwater is the "album" for the fish
-The one good show on ABC is discussed
-The continuing awesomeness of NBC is covered in detail (especially Monday and Thursdays!)
-Reggie talks about how much he likes Jason Lee, but forgets to point out that Ethan Suplee is cool too
-The show was recorded on Saturday, so "yesterday" and "tomorrow" are based on that.
-The Amos Lee, Elvis Costello, and Bob Dylan concert is mentioned
-As is the Wilco concert
-While talking about his first concert (Matchbox20, Semisonic, and Soul Asylum) Reggie becomes distracted by an IM.
-Reggie and Sally go Geocaching
-Unsolicited plug for Reggie's favorite computer repair place
-700w power supply is on the way from Newegg
-Electricity is scary...or is it beautiful?

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Xenu Sez, Episode 1: Promo and Halo 3

From time to time we'll be featuring a supplement to our show created by our friend Xenu, aptly titled Xenu Sez.

For the first episode Xenu explains the topics that he will be covering in upcoming segments, then launches into a discussion of Halo 3 gamers.

Leave your comments for Xenu here, I'm sure he'll be glad to answer them.

Xenu Sez: Episode 1



-Xenu introduces his show and future topics.
-He then talks about Halo 3 gamers who he refers to as "those guys."
-Reggie ambushes Xenu on Skype to continue the discussion.

P.S. While talking to Xenu, I mention Halo 3 discs being scratched. It has come to my attention that while this was a problem, it was made even worse by kids shaking their boxes to see if their discs were lose and possibly scratched....this of course loosened them and scratched them, causing even more to be scratched than initially were.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Reggie And Calvin, Episode 1: Starts and Beginnings

Here it is.


The first episode of the Reggie and Calvin Show, the official podcast of Something, Something Productions.

It's a little rough because we still had some issues getting things together, and I'm still learning how to use my recorders and such, as well as trying to figure out all the things I can do with Audacity, but it's is what it is.

You guys have no idea how good it feels to finally have this out and how big of a relief it is now that I know, yeah, we can do this.

Some awesome things have happened over the past month as far as the show goes and I really hope you guys will enjoy it.

Pleas, leave us some comments, show your love and we'll show it back.

Reggie and Calvin: Episode 1



-Reggie and Calvin introduce the show.
-The first topic is video games, NextGen and the superiority of the Nintendo Wii are discussed along with a brief tangent on NBC's TV practices.
-Some news items are covered, this time focusing on our silly president.
-Some sports info is also discussed
-The show starts to run long so Reggie and Calvin get to the shout outs for the show's best friends (so far...there's always room for more)
-The show closes with Think For Yourself by George Hrab

P.S. Watch for the first episode of Xenu Sez to be posted soon!