Saturday, February 16, 2008

Reggie and Calvin: A New Voice


I told you we'd be back.

A little later than I expected, true, but we're here.

This episode marks the first of a three part introductory series of our ongoing...most likely never ending...series of Star Wars discussions.

You should be able to tell what we're doing, but just in case, Calvin, myself, Xenu, and Cal's brother, Abe, are playing a game of euchre using Star Wars cards. The characters on those cards are used as the starting point for our discussions.

Don't know what euchre is?

Move to Michigan.


Reggie and Calvin: A New Voice



-If you would like to know more about any of the Star Wars characters, locations, or concepts mentioned in this show visit Wookieepedia
-Listen closely for the Universal Truth
-Other awesomeness referenced in this episode:
-Quentin Tarantino
-Family Guy
-Robot Chicken
-Spinal Tap
-Battlestar Galactica

1 comment:

xenu413 said...

wait wait wait wait wait.... we went with the timeless subject of Star Wars rather than the now-painfully-dated one of (that other subject)?

you've failed me for the last time.